Dr Janey

“Dr Janey, You are the kind of doctor/teacher the world needs more of! Thank you for being you!”

- Gudrun B. (USA)

“I was in awe of Dr Janey - I found her inspiring, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, clear, understandable and a reminder of how unlimited we are!”

- Guilia (Cape Town)

Hello friends,

This site has been created for you! 

We hope you enjoy it and benefit enormously from the information we shall be sharing with you over time. Our mission is in empowering people just like you, both in the prevention of cancer, as well as in healing, via a natural and non-toxic approach. In doing so, we hope you begin to understand and harness the power of your own infinite capacity to attain extraordinary health!

There are many ‘untruths’ that exist on the subject of cancer (both within the industry as well as in the population at large) which sadly are not serving those who strive to prevent or heal from this dis-ease (simply a body that is ‘not at ease’).

We will be sharing the ‘timeless truths’ of cancer (and health in general) with you over time and trust that you will soon learn that when cancer is understood from this enduring perspective (seldom shared in modern times), that it has the effect of shifting one from a place that frequently evokes feelings of immense fear, helplessness and inevitability when cancer is faced, to one in which you begin to feel empowered and positive, while taking proactive steps in dictating your own health!

As for me....

My own personal journey began on a farm in the beautiful rolling hills overlooking the ocean on the south coast of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. These early roots would give birth to a career in the conventional medical world of veterinary science (BVSc, MRCVS) and one which I would follow for over 20 years, much of which would involve the treatment of cancer using the conventional pillars of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

It would however ultimately take the loss of my own dear mother, Peggy, to the effects of cancer treatment for me to remove the proverbial blinkers of my conventional medical education and to begin questioning the fundamentals of an approach to cancer that has failed so many, both in medical and veterinary science.

Following the loss of my mother, I took a 3 year sabbatical from my work. During this time I traveled widely around the world and studied the many different approaches to cancer extensively. In time, both from my studies and the heartening results I was witnessing from an approach that encompassed the greater truths of what cancer is, I was to come to the conclusion that cancer is not the formidable disease that most in the modern world consider it to be!

In fact, when cancer is addressed in alignment with this timeless approach that crucially works in harmony with the wisdom of the body, rather than against it (as is the case when we employ harmful chemicals and radiation), we witness how your body can reveal its infinite capacity to prevent and heal from cancer, and other disease.

It is this empowering paradigm shift in approach to cancer, along with ongoing practical everyday advice, tips and cutting-edge information that we look forward to sharing with you over time....

We invite you to explore and learn from the articles and videos; to share it with your friends and loved ones who you believe could benefit, while feeling free to share your own knowledge and insights on our blog.

And finally, if you or a loved one has cancer, remember that you are never alone in this journey! We care about you, as do many others! Know too that the world is not 'waiting for a cure'; the answers are available now!

I look forward to connecting with you ....

Wishing you immeasurable health, love and laughter!

Dr Janey