YOU-are-the-cure! healing


Hello and welcome! 

So what is ‘YOU-are-the-cure!’ healing all about? 

To answer that let’s begin with sharing what healing is not…. 

It is not assuming that your doctor, surgeon, oncologist, naturopath….. or in fact anyone outside of you heals you.  Neither is it pharmaceutical drugs, medical instrumentation or supplements.  While these elements outside of you may on the surface appear to be responsible for healing, the truth is that there is something far more powerful at play on your behalf!

Quite simply the common denominator in healing in every case, no exception is…. YOU!

Ancient cultures have known and practiced this for millennia, passing on through the generations the simple techniques of harnessing our own inner wisdom in healing.  In fact it is only in the last 100 years that we have ‘forgotten’ how to tap into our own formidable healing powers, opting instead to hand our power away - often in blind faith - to other people and the giant industries outside of us.  As we bear witness to the fact that there remains no ‘cures’ in the conventional approach to medicine for the unprecedented level of chronic degenerative diseases and the unsustainable escalation of health costs associated with it, it is becoming abundantly clear that this approach has not served us!

In ‘YOU-are-the-cure!’ healing we are reminded that we are all gifted with our own ‘inner doctor’ and that revisiting this innate self-healing capacity is simple, effective, inexpensive and without side-effects.  In fact the beauty of this approach is that anyone can learn and adopt the simple protocols and healing principles for reversing ill health – you don’t need to be a doctor!

While mainstream medicine’s symptom-based, mechanistic approach (that uses Newtonian physics as its guiding principles and pharmaceutical drugs as the mainstay of treatment) may have left you believing that many of the following diseases can at best only be managed and that reversal is impossible, the truth is that when you begin to comprehend the extent of your own inner healing power and learn how to unleash it, any disease becomes reversible as ever-increasing numbers of people continue to demonstrate.

‘YOU-are-the-cure!’ healing adopts the principles of ‘The Biofield’ and Quantum physics as shared by Einstein and other ‘New Medicine’ scientists while always following the simple rules of a) addressing and reversing the cause and b) working in harmony with your God-given inner healing wisdom.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of common chronic degenerative diseases that respond favourably when addressing the multifactorial aspects of healing that these conditions demand:

Ø  Cancer

Ø  Auto immune diseases (Crohns, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Celiac disease etc)

Ø  Heart and cardiovascular disease

Ø  Diabetes

Ø  Neurological diseases (eg dementia, Alzheimers)

Ø  Raised blood pressure and cholesterol

Ø  Chronic fatigue 

Ø  Candida

Ø  Shingles

Ø  Eczema

Ø  Obesity


To learn more about the ‘YOU-are-the-cure!’ approach to healing, simply reach out to one of our team and we will look forward to connecting with you and guiding you in the many powerful ways of tapping into your own healing magnificence!


Dr Janey

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