We understand that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most fear-inducing experiences of your life (and your family’s life), but we want you to know that it doesn’t need to be that way….

We believe cancer is one of the most misunderstood diseases of modern times, and sadly from that misunderstanding arises a lot of misinformation, inappropriate choices and disappointing outcomes. When we understand the truth of what cancer is and what our body is telling us – more on that in our Youtube videos - the meaning, and our perception of cancer begins to change.  This is a crucial shift because as long as we are in a place of fear and consider cancer as an attack against our body and therefore feel the need to respond with toxic therapies, we will be setting ourselves up for a hard journey ahead.

The truth is that YOUR BODY IS ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE!  While a diagnosis of cancer is a message from the body that action needs to be taken, we believe it is crucial that we are not drawn into a tumour-focused approach reminding ourselves always of the fact that the TUMOUR IS ONLY A SYMPTOM! Instead, we encourage you to ADDRESS THE CAUSE to achieve true and long-term healing and to work in alignment with what your body needs, and never against it with treatments that may suppress your immune system – your greatest ally in healing!

We also believe that YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY CAPACITY TO SELF – HEAL!  Few people are told this, and still fewer are given the manual on how to do this and yet when we discover how to tap into our ‘Inner Doctor’ then any cancer can potentially become reversible.

We work with people like you all over the world, guiding and supporting you through the healing journey. Regardless of whether you have chosen to go the conventional route in part or the natural route completely, we honour your choices and your journey!  We will ‘take you by the hand’ and help you navigate all the overwhelm and conflicting information, helping you to identify and address the cause of your diagnosis including all aspects of who you are – Body, Mind & Soul –  while giving you clear steps and direction in this journey of True Healing. It is a beautiful journey!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family!


Dr Janey & the team @ You are the Cure!


Dr Janey Little (BVSc, MRCVS) is an holistic cancer consultant, international speaker and author of ‘Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself!’ 

Dr Janey has a background in conventional veterinary medicine and is founder of ‘Saying goodbye to cancer’, a powerful and life-changing program designed to take you along a carefully tailored healing journey which addresses the causes while working in alignment with your body’s own infinite healing capacity. This powerful approach to cancer is shared in talks, online programs, private consultations and group coaching. 

Please contact us at: happy2help@drjaney.com


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