“Dr Janey projects ‘life’, health, positivity, with a serene aura which I found uplifting. I feel privileged to have attended.”

- Elizabeth (Cape Town)

THANK YOU so much Dr Janey! I am still soaking in all the new awareness that came alive this weekend. You are an inspiration of note! I am so deeply grateful for the way you share your passion and purpose!
Your light shines so brightly and beautifully and may it continue to do so.........with a brightness that will make the world wake up!

- G Criscuolo

Thank you Dr Janey! You're incredible - your knowledge, your patience, your care, your kindness and gentleness. I cannot tell you how grateful I am!

- Brenda
What an amazing presentation! Last week we so enjoyed Dr. Janey's talk about the 'truth' of cancer...we certainly learnt a new thing or two!! Dr. Janey is so inspiring, her passion just beams out and one cannot but be enchanted and inspired by her presence! What Dr. Janey has to say is so refreshing...and it certainly puts my mind at rest as far as cancer is concerned. I feel I can speak for many people here... due to this, many of us will look at cancer, and any other illnesses, in a new and different way!”
Love and gratitude.

- Wolf and Bhakta Peyerl

"You have an incredible way of transforming information and making a person feel that they can do anything that they want. Thank you Dr Janey and good luck. You are an incredible person!"

- Charles Sutherland

“I am a changed man because of your advice! Thank you Dr Janey”!

- Paul Kendal (UK)

“Dr Janey inspires trust – she has the knowledge and wisdom to help anybody change their mind set about cancer, and help them overcome their health challenges.”

- Donve Lee

“You gave me hope and removed my fear for cancer. I believe I am healing completely, irreversibly! Your structured guidelines are exactly what I need, and because they are so comprehensive I know that I am addressing my healing on all fronts!”

- Anne

“Dear Dr Janey. I attended your talk last night. WOW it was brilliant. I so much wished that you could carry on for longer.”

- Estelle Hardcastle

“DEEP GRATITUDE to you for awakening me to my inner doctor and to this new world of health and healing. Blessings to you and for your work.......may you touch lives ALL over the world”!!!!

- Giulia

“Thank you and God bless you for your work. He is surely using you as an instrument!
Be well.”

- Dr McDonnell

"Dr Janey I am blown away! I have gotten more knowledge and understanding of why I have cancer and what to do about it in 5 hours with you than I have in over 3 years from all the other medical doctors, 'alternative' doctors, naturopaths, and homeopaths I have worked with! I cannot believe that NO ONE I have spoken with or worked on my cancer journey has this in-depth knowledge or is not sharing it. I suspect they don't have it.

I have been very optimistic on my cancer journey. However optimism is very different to certainty. After my time with you today I have ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I am going to be able to heal my body completely and permanently from cancer!

- Brenda

"You continuing to fight cancer by spreading your knowledge is amazing and inspiring. I don't know your mom but I do know she would be so proud of you. Thank you.”

- Melissa Gipson

“Thank you for your passion and dedication.”

- Jan Palko

“I recently underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumour from my breast BUT had I attended this workshop earlier I would have given my body a chance to heal naturally first before resorting to surgery. I would not have rushed into making such a serious decision so soon after I was diagnosed.

I am empowered and confident of healing NOW!

- Thada Rankin

Dr Janey is amazing! I know I'm already healed from cancer! Thank you Janey!

- Yolande Bezuidenhout (Windhoek, Namibia)

“Dear Dr Janey. It was such a profound talk on Thursday and grateful that I took the time to go. I do not have cancer but a few of my friends have and my sister. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to continue living in a healthy way.”

- Dalene Worrall

“Dr Janey, I am blown away after reading your quest in the cancer world. Thank you for sharing this information. Many blessings”.
- Laura Rhoades

"Words cannot describe the sense of relief and optimism your coaching instilled in each of us. Your deeply grounded knowledge, experience and motivation for doing this, really touched me. It feels like we now have a blue print with a solid grounding. Thank you so much for that. I know I will be OK! We are all looking forward to the future instead of fighting the fear that became such a part of the last few weeks dealing with the oncologist. Thank you again for giving us hope. I wish I could help more people to realise that there really is a better way of dealing with cancer. Where I can I will spread the word and I will definitely mention your name - you have just found yourself an agent :-)

- Anne (Johannesburg)

“Hi. Thanks a million for the information you provide. It's timely and focuses just where it needs to focus, which is doing things to enhance the body's own healing power.

- Mauris Emeka

“Hi Dr Janey, I would also like to pass on just how glad I am to be working with you. I really respect your insights, knowledge, experience and overall approach - it is all brilliant!”

- Ann (Australia)

“I can't thank you enough for your kindness, gentleness and insight this week.”

- Kathryn Borraine (Cape Town)

“Dear Janey. It was so lovely meeting you! Thank you for all that you taught us and opened up for us. It was really inspiring and special being with you for those 2 hours and learning from you.”

- Margie and Peter

“Blessings for a healthy and happy 2015. And may your inspirational work continue to spread and serve so many in need. I have been meaning to write and thank you for your wonderful 7 step live webinar series. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting and rehearing all you had to share with us, and it inspired and invigorated me to become even more conscious and dedicated…without becoming anal!”

- Helen

“Thank you for opening our eyes to reality! God bless you for your courage, boldness and the hard work and research you have done to inform us of this-for free! With appreciation...

- Corinna (Johannesburg)

“I can’t believe my ‘luck’ at finding you! I thank you for your insightful intelligence, your patience and clarity, and the way you embrace all of life, including our bodies and dis-ease. I so appreciate your empowering me to understand the varied aspects I need to take on full responsibility for my long and healthful life. Your wisdom resonates with me 100%!”

- Caroline

“The Skype consultations which I have had with Dr Janey have given me incredibly powerful information about the real cause of this disease and most importantly the steps a person needs to take to regain true health. To be able to ask so many questions and receive overwhelmingly positive answers was empowering beyond belief. Dr Janey's treatment approach is solidly based on both past and present findings in scientific research in this area, and all aspects of her protocol are directed towards a powerful healing of the body - not destructive or toxic in any way. Understanding and treating the cause of this disease, rather than attacking only the symptom was to me entirely logical. It gave me back control over my situation and also hope, and I am no longer living in fear. I am very thankful to have found Dr Janey.”

- Ann Carter (Brisbane, Australia)

"I have read many books and obtained much advice, however what I learnt today was invaluable. It has awakened me as to what I need to do to change my path and lifestyle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for enlightening me and awakening my 'inner doctor'!"

- Danella (Cape Town)

Testimonials for the ‘7 Step Program’

"This Program is enlightening and inspiring and provides a clear and practical path for vastly improved health!"

- David K

"I usually never rate anything 'excellent' but this seminar was EXCELLENT!"

- Christian Dettori (Cape Town)

“This will be the best investment in your health. It is absolutely life-changing. A message of great hope and assurance!”

- Mark Waters

“I felt so empowered and enlightened after Dr Janey's webinar. She was absolutely terrific!”

- Peggy (USA)

Dear Dr. Janey, thank you so much for the wonderful 'Survive and Thrive' series. I think it is the best of all the Summits and Conferences I have heard and I have heard a lot lately because there have been so many!

- Ann (USA)

Thank you soooo much! This is precious information!

- Connie

“Thanks Dr Janey.... every week's step has been such an education and boost to my journey back to health from advanced breast cancer.”

- Molly

Thank you for packaging the knowledge in a simple, easy to understand way and for clearly laying the foundation for guaranteed recovery! I feel I can guarantee my own recovery! :) Thanks to your incredible information and beautiful way of packaging and delivering it so that I 'get it' in a way that it will stay with me for the rest of my life!

Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude Dr Janey".

- Brenda

"A life-changing experience! Thank you! Rich in content, rich in inspiration, rich in truth! This Program is something you can't afford not to do!

- Bronnie Le Roux

"I now feel that I have the power to make a full recovery which will be permanent due to everything I have learned in this Program. I will be recommending the 7 Step Program to everyone!"

- Maaike Koelega (Belgium)

“This Program is a MUST for cancer patients as well as 'healthy people!”

- Razia B

“The 7 Step Program is an extremely powerful and informative experience! It has empowered me with the wisdom and knowledge I need to heal from cancer. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone suffering from cancer, or wanting to prevent it”!
- Helen Stutz (Cape Town)

"This Program sets you free and empowers you with truth and clarity!"

- Gabriel L

“I very much enjoyed the program – you facilitate a profound paradigm-shift – thank you!”

- Caroline

"I highly recommend Dr Janey's 7 Step Program for giving back to cancer patients control of their bodies and of their healing. Her supportive, empathetic approach facilitates great confidence and complete trust in a happy outcome! May her impeccable research and genuine desire to promote an understanding of the true nature of cancer continue to bring hope to those ready to partake in her great knowledge and wisdom!"

- Conchessa L (Constantia, Cape Town)

"What a mind opening, what a vision! And it goes way beyond cancer."

- Collette Weimar

“For the past few days, I have been talking about almost nothing else apart from your wonderful course! Thank you again for everything.”

- Leigh

“Thanks for your empowering the mind-set vs that encountered elsewhere.”

- Judy

“Dear Dr Janey, thank-you so much for the wonderful information you share with us. I'm implementing as much as I can, step by step, for prevention. I send many blessings and much gratitude for your courage, strength and valuable information.”

- Connie

“Thank you once again for all of the amazing, life changing information. I am already enjoying the benefits of a much healthier eating regime, together with the juicing, and most of all, change of attitude towards cancer and health. Much love.”

- Carol

“Dear Dr Janey, The first thing I did after your webinar is change to the circadian diet. Within a couple of days my life-long indigestion stopped. What a relief! The next thing that happened is I lost all of my cellulite, which I know is toxins stored in fat cells. It’s gone just from eating in rhythm with nature. I was not overweight, yet I lost one dress size in my waist and my buttock and legs have never been this thin. I love it! Thank you for your support and expertise. The world needs more teachers like you!”

- Gudrun

“Dear Dr Janey. I hope you are well and still helping and informing people like us. I am always so grateful I joined your workshop. I live without fear. It is so liberating.”

- Nancy Soller

"This Program certainly empowers people and gives them hope! For those who do not have cancer, but have cancer in the family, it removes the fear that cancer is random and that it can be prevented by changing your lifestyle."

- Christa van den Berg

“Well worth it! Inspiring me to live the best way I can – both in body and mind!”

- Caryn Warmersdam


- Lynette Viljoen

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. You need to know this if you are on a healing path.”

- Estelle Hardcastle

“I have been given wonderful peace of mind and gratefulness for the marvel that is my human body.”

- Mark

“Any newcomer to the Program can rest in trust and comfort that they will receive many tools to apply to their individual circumstances. They needn’t drift in a world of information overload, not knowing how to proceed. Dr Janey presents her vast knowledge with integrity and in a manageable process that is pleasant and uplifting”.

- Jane Fulton

“If you want to understand your body, this Program is a must.”

- Roelof Viljoen

“This is brilliant! Thank you so much! Just what I handy. I loved your course. Keep doing what you're doing and I wish you great health and good luck.”

- Mareli G

“The Program was powerful and very inspiring. I’m excited about applying a wealth of new knowledge and integrating it into my life.”

- Heather Linn

“Dr Janey's 7 Step Cancer Healing Program is life changing!”

- Leigh

“My eyes have been opened. Each step of this Program is vital – invaluable. I loved the range that is covered in this Program – a holistic approach. Body, mind and spirit”.
- Rosalind Ovenstone

Book testimonials

“Well done Janey, for your clear, courageous and ground-breaking book... we could not put it down and are convinced it will bring fresh courage and understanding to many – whether they have cancer or not”.

- Mary and Bruce Relly

"The book is phenomenal!"

- Treasure Hill

“Hi Dr Janey, I must first mention that I regard your excellent book as one of the most valuable books in my fairly extensive library on natural health and healing. It is SO exciting that you are in SA, and as it were, on our doorstep!

- Di

"Just finished your book (in an afternoon) and will read and reference it plenty in the future. A timely reminder that God created our bodies with all the necessary equipment and systems on-board to heal from cancer and a myriad of other dis-eases, as well as many injury situations. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity and readability of the text. Simple and direct with no airs or graces of irrelevance make this a definite must have for anyone intent on facing the giants of cultural dis-ease and lifestyle ills created by our ‘O so clever’ western civilization."
- John Hambleton

"A real minder blower and an education into what cancer actually means, great book!"

- John Russel

“Hello Dr. Janey. I'm a Natural Health Care Therapist (26yrs); currently a Natural Health & Life Coach. I am SO pleased to have been loaned your book to read. Thank you, and WOW!!! I DO wish more doctors/ oncologists knew this information or at least admitted to knowing it.”

- Leigh Armstrong

Brilliant..... it is riveting stuff!!! I felt while reading it that I need to make some dramatic changes in my life. It is quite a breakthrough.”

- Janie Budd

Your book has been a wonderful revelation for me and whomever I have told about it and I would like to do whatever I can to ‘spread the word’ and distribute the book wherever possible.

- GuyUlyat

"This book is set out in the simplest, most matter-of-fact way regarding what cancer is. It is a common-sense, no-nonsense approach that does not require the reader to convince themselves that this is TRUTH. Dr Janey in writing this book has expressed in words my belief and intuition that this is a disease that is easily manageable once one has grasped its deeper meaning and the right approach. And with that comes the gift of understanding ourselves on a deeper level. It is timeous in its release with so many people waking up to the fact that the reality we live in is not the reality at all. Consciousness is changing. Thank you Dr Janey for facilitating this fact. She discards the 'box' - we no longer have to think outside the box - she encourages us to 'ditch the box'!! “

- Carrol Bissett

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