JUICING - Instant Cell Rejuvenation!

NOW is the perfect time to start enjoying one of the most enriching, empowering, rewarding and transformative health practices available: JUICING!

Dr Janey is an ardent endorser of juicing to promote extraordinary health!  Freshly-pressed organic juice can do wonders for your energy levels and vibrancy, while also playing a crucial role in cancer prevention and healing. The world is going crazy for juice - not because it is the latest 'trend' or 'fad', but because juicing actually works and results can be experienced in a short period of time!

Juicing allows you to extract all the healing nutrients from the vegetables, fruits and herbs enabling rapid absorption. Having removed the fiber during the juicing process your body will not need to spend unnecessary energy on digestion, and can instead divert that energy towards healing and regeneration.

The right juicer allow you to create delicious juices brimming with nutrients, while also putting you back in touch with wholefoods and the earth. It will encourage you to grow your own organic produce, get your hands in the dirt, come up with playful new recipe ideas, and provide an opportunity for all-round family fun!

Rather than overwhelming you with an extensive range of juicers, we have carefully chosen two of the best juicers from three different categories of juicers: 1. Centrifugal juicers, 2. Single auger masticating juicers and 3. Twin Gear juicers. All three types of juicers have their unique benefits, while catering for a variety of different budgets.

NOTE: Our range of juicers are only available to South African clients at the moment since we are making use of a local drop-shipper. We are, however, in the process of making these juicers available to international clients!

JBD006 - Angel Juicer 5500
Twin/Dual Gear Juicer
JBD001 - Greenis Slow Juicer
Vertical Slow Juicer
JBD002 - Kuvings B7000S
Vertical Slow Juicer - Single Auger Juicer
JBD004 - Oscar DA1000 Juicer CHROME
Horizontal Single Auger Juicer
JBD003 - Oscar DA900 Juicer WHITE
Horizontal Single Auger Juicer
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