Natural Sun Protection

"When our Vitamin D receptors are brimming with the 'sunshine vitamin',
this prevents the gene expression of a mind-boggling array of disease-causing genes."

Nadine Artemis

For years we have been taught to stay out of the sun and to wear sunblock because 'the sun causes skin cancer'.

But, here at we love the sun and we know that exposure to it is not only the ultimate way for essential Vitamin D production in the body to take place, but of utmost importance is the fact that adequate levels of Vitamin D are in fact crucial to prevent cancer!  In spite of this, most of us are lacking in this important sunshine vitamin. 

With this in mind, we have created a list of all-natural sunscreen products for you! Unlike conventional creams and lotions which are laden with chemicals (never a good idea to have chemicals 'cooking' on the surface of your skin!), our range contains  natural minerals and gorgeous plant extracts and oils which not only nourish and protect your skin from sunburn, but allows your skin to feast on the sunshine vitamin which will keep you healthy, your bones strong and your hormones balanced.

Because healthy skin starts from within, we have also included Astaxanthin for further wise interaction with the sun! Astaxanthin strengthens the skin from the inside, acting like an
internal sunscreen! 

Enjoy the sun wisely!

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