In ‘Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself!’, Dr Janey Little (BVSc, MRCVS) dispels the myths and fears of cancer that abound in modern times and which sadly have not been serving those who strive to prevent or heal from this dis-ease (simply a body that is 'not at ease').  In doing so, Dr Janey reveals a transformational understanding of cancer that serves to empower the individual in dictating their own health.


In this book you are introduced to the timeless truths of cancer that few people are aware of.  Instead of fighting the tumor with toxic chemicals, surgery and radiation, it reminds us that the cancer tumor is only a symptom of the disease, rather than the disease itself!  

This approach to cancer encourages addressing and correcting the primary cause, while respecting and aligning with the wisdom of the body in order to promote long term solutions to cancer, as opposed to the quick-fix strategies that are the modern-day norm. 

The reader learns that when you become aware of the truths of cancer and respond in accordance with this, that everything changes; the approach, the treatment, the experience of having cancer, and finally..... the success in overcoming it!

‘Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself’, while not being an A-Z on how to heal from cancer (the action steps are shared in our various workshops, webinars and retreats),
shares the crucial truths of cancer in an easy-to-understand manner that makes vital reading for anyone who lives in fear of cancer or prior to embarking on any cancer treatment program.

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