Natural Antibiotics

"The microbes and our immune system work together constantly to promote
a healthy inner terrain and therefore protect us from disease, including cancer.
It is a symbiosis; an ingenious co-functioning of our ‘inner doctor' and nature’s microbes
that is beyond anything that modern medicine is able to copy!”

Dr Janey

We believe that focusing on killing microbes with antibiotics (and other antimicrobials) is 
missing the bigger picture!  Our goal instead should be in attaining a healthy cellular terrain in the body. When we achieve this, we find that antibiotics become redundant! This is where our focus lies at 

Having said that, we acknowledge that there are times when our lifestyle may be such that we experience additional 
challenges, and with that may come a dip in our immune system and hence increased vulnerability to infections. It is times such as these, (as well as during our initial journey towards attaining a health cellular terrain and the extraordinary health and vitality that goes with it), that we may still require antibiotics to support us.  This is when natural antibiotics (as supplied by nature) step in!

These serve to complement our immune system, while not interfering with our natural bacterial flora which remain vital for health! 
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