Natural Hormone Therapy

 “Unbalanced and low levels of hormones have been associated with numerous chronic problems and age-related conditions.
Along with many other actions, hormones are chemical messengers;
they signal the cells to become younger or older, to slow or increase multiplication,
to be immunologically responsive or lazy.” 

- David Wolfe

Hormones are the chemical messengers in our bodies that keep us youthful and vibrant! They are significantly influenced by both our internal and external environments.  

A diverse range of stressors to the body, including non-organic food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic oral contraceptives, tap water pollutants, plastic, air pollution, heavy metal exposure, the clothes and products which make contact with our bodies etc, can interfere w
ith healthy hormone levels and their production. 

Unbalanced hormones can in turn lead to various cancers, particularly in those areas of the body that are hormonally sensitive such as the breast, uterus, prostate, thyroid to name just a few. Therefore it becomes of crucial importance to incorporate phytochemicals, whole foods and bio-identical hormones which work in harmony with your body's innate wisdom to invigorate and regulate these vital hormones.

Every product listed here has a unique purpose in helping keep our hormones doing what they do best! 


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