Are you...  

Feeling petrified by your or a loved one's diagnosis?

Need advice and guidance in the minefield
of information and conflicting advice?

Feeling alone?

We would love to help!

Why not consider receiving the assurance and peace of mind
of having your healing journey mapped out for you?
A private consultation with Dr Janey will enable you
to have an integrated healing program designed and tailored
to your unique requirements as an individual,
while lending you the support of having your hand held
through your journey toward vibrant health!

Not in Cape Town, South Africa? No problem!
Dr Janey consults via Skype to wherever you are in the world.

To schedule your introductory FREE 30-minute private consultation,
find our contact details HERE.

We welcome your loved ones to attend these sessions with you!



“Dr Janey inspires trust – she has the knowledge and wisdom to help anybody change their mind set about cancer, and help them overcome their health challenges.” - Donve Lee

“You gave me hope and removed my fear for cancer. I believe I am healing completely, irreversibly! Your structured guidelines are exactly what I need, and because they are so comprehensive I know that I am addressing my healing on all fronts!” - Anne

"You have an incredible way of transforming information and making a person feel that they can do anything that they want. Thank you Dr Janey and good luck. You are an incredible person!" - Charles Sutherland

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