Marine Phytoplankton

This is the food that powers the Earth.

Imagine what it can do for you...

Oceans Alive is the ultimate superfood.

“Marine phytoplankton are single-celled organisms, or “micro-algae,” that have lived on this planet much longer than humans—literally for billions of years. We can think of them as the basis of all other life forms on the planet, as they’re responsible for making up to 90 percent of the Earth’s oxygen, while absorbing most of the carbon dioxide.”

- Kevin Gianni,
Renegade Health 

Harvested free of environmental contaminants, it is composed only of the best quality marine phytoplankton suspended in purified ocean water.

 Containing an extensive array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, pigments and essential amino acids; the nutrient density of this microalgae 
provides every nutritional molecule known to man!           

Quite simply, Oceans Alive is like rocket fuel for your cells!

Whether you wish to support unstoppable, vibrant health,
or promote healing from disease, no other single supplement comes close!



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