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“The work of a doctor will in the future be ever more that of a doctor,
and ever less that of a man/woman who treats ailments”. 
Lord Horder MD
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While civilizations have for millennia understood and effectively applied the power of harnessing the body’s own inner wisdom in healing, modern society has largely ‘forgotten’ this innate power that each of us has been gifted with. Instead, seduced by a mechanistic and pharmaceutically-driven approach, the western world has been reduced to handing our power away to the profit-driven industries outside of us in the quest for health and the consequences to humanity have been dire!
While allopathic medicine's mechanistic approach to medicine (with Newtonian physics as its guiding principle) can be lauded for its progress in critical care and emergency surgical procedures, this same symptom-based response to ailments will always disappoint when addressing the multi-factorial and multi-dimentional nature of chronic degenerative diseases (such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes etc) as the following statistics reveal with respect to cancer:

  • In the year 2017, the risk of being diagnosed with cancer is now approaching 1 in 2  !                  
  • For those diagnosed with cancer and receiving chemotherapy, a ‘success rate’ of just 2.1% (USA) and 2.3% (Australia) over a 5 year period was demonstrated by the largest unbiased study conducted by the Northern Sydney Cancer Centre (and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology).
With figures such as the above, it is not over-stating the point to say that we are experiencing a cancer epidemic; nor is it unfair to say that the modern conventional treatment choices are not providing the results that people deserve!
‘YOU-are-the-cure’ is a small committed team dedicated to sharing the powerful tools that empower people like yourself and your loved ones in tapping into your own ‘inner doctor’ both in prevention as well as in healing. The information is transformational in taking back one’s power in health and healing, and yet is rarely heard and not available through the current health industry. Our focus is always to address the cause in healing  and to work in harmony with the body's own infinite wisdom in healing.

[Note: the current tumour-centric approach of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, is entirely focused on the symptom, and unfortunately symptom-based approaches can NEVER yield long-standing results!  In addition, the toxic therapies of the BIG 3 unfortunately suppress and paralyse the body immune system (inner doctor) and in doing so actively negate the healing process.  It is little wonder with this in mind that the unbiased statistics make for such disappointing reading!]
Our work at ‘YOU-are-the-cure’ includes informative talks, workshops and webinars, as well as private consultations to individuals and families.  As our testimonials reveal, we have been well-received by the many we have worked together with and have frequently enjoyed success in healing where conventional medicine has failed.
Not surprisingly perhaps, our mission is not an easy one. We don’t have the resources that industries such as Big Pharma and Big Medicine have at their disposal.
In order to continue to do this necessary work, and to empower a new generation of health enthusiasts with transformative knowledge, we invite you to join us in this mission, because together we can do so much more!
Any donations are very welcome and will be invested directly towards our cause in the most effective way possible! 
We thank you in advance!
Dr Janey & the team
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We would like to extend our deep gratitude in advance and look forward to sharing how your contribution is making a difference!

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