The Art of Self-Healing


You are the Cure! 

presents our exciting inaugural program of.....

'The Art of Self-Healing'

~ an enlightening and empowering journey of
harnessing your extraordinary self-healing capacity
in attaining unstoppable health!

Most of us were never given the manual on how to tap into our
'Inner Doctor' for achieving vibrant health and insurance against disease.
Yet in spite of this we have all been gifted with this remarkable capacity.

Unfortunately in modern times we are encouraged to give our power away
to the industries outside of us creating reliance on pharmaceuticals
and a symptom-based approach to disease.  
Sadly, this has clearly not been serving us when we look at
escalating disease statistics in the current times.

If you are ready to embrace your own innate power in health
then join us in this one-of-a-kind and all-encompassing program
aimed at revealing the 
ease of tapping into your own 'Inner Doctor'
in disease prevention and healing.

I am very excited about this Program in which I plan to share
all of my best content with you!
I believe it will be a deeply enlightening and enjoyable journey
on living your life in a way that offers pure joy and vibrant health,
while also empowering you in a manner in which
you never need to concern yourself
about a wide range of modern diseases

The principles and step-by-step program we will be sharing 
are not only powerful, but timeless and will serve you
for a life-time ahead!


I am selecting a small group of people to join me in this initial program that we will be launching to a worldwide audience early next year, and when we do launch
we suspect the price will be roughly double what we're offering now, 
such is the huge amount of value we plan to share!  

This inaugural Program will offer a unique opportunity to connect with myself and an intimate group of like-minded people in which I plan to share all of my best secrets and health-tips that you will have to keep for a life time!

Added to that, because this is a special occasion there will be lots of extra bonuses
and unusually you will also be invited to share your own thoughts
as to what you would like to see added to the program. 
That way
you get to leave your own unique mark on the Program going forward!

Here's a small taster of the topics we will be covering....

·  Reawakening your 'Inner Doctor' - when we consider that all healing is due to
our 'Inner Doctor' and not to pharmaceuticals or the industries outside of us 
we realise that this crucial step is paramount to ensuring vibrant health
and offering the ultimate insurance against modern diseases.
This includes deep and profound cleansing of all the major organ systems.

·  Diet - we will be delving into this important subject in all the detail you need to know that cuts through all the conflict and confusion!

·  Supplements - what ones to take, what ones to avoid!  Stop wasting money on the ones that may even be harming your health!

·  Avoiding exposure to toxins in the home and workplace - this is an
unprecedented issue in modern times with man-made chemicals
playing a considerable role in contributing to disease. 
You will be learning the simple ways to identify and avoid
toxins, carcinogens and GMO!

·  Endocrine disruptors - we live in a world that is awash with chemicals (eg oestrogen mimickers) that cause an imbalance to hormones while increasing your risk of breast and prostate cancer (amongst others).  Learn the simple ways of living healthily in the modern world while minimizing exposure to these potentially devastating hormone disruptors.

·  Dental toxins - "Most significant diseases start in the dentist's chair". Dr Robert Kulacz.
It is a travesty that millions of women are subjected to mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation, when all they needed to address was a bad tooth
- the real cause that led to the tumour!
We will be looking at the issues surrounding dental health that could be inadvertently predisposing you to a whole host of diseases
and explaining exactly what you need to do to avoid this real danger.

·  Emotional health - the manner in which we choose to perceive the world around us has a profound impact on the levels of stress we endure and inturn our risk of disease.
This crucial factor cannot be ignored when we strive to live fully and vibrantly.
We will also be talking about the very real hazard of 'trapped emotions'
and how to address them.
You can look forward to the simple tips and techniques we will be sharing
aimed at restoring balance and peace-of-mind into your everyday way-of-being
enabling you to enjoy the magic of every step of your journey!

·  Screening for disease - what are the best (and safest) steps
you need to take to ensure peace of mind from cancer etc?

Genetics - your mother or father had cancer or heart disease? 
What are your risks?  Learn the truth in a way that will 
reassure you and empower you!

·  Sunshine - what are the facts?  Do we need to stay out of the sun with all the concerns around sun and skin cancer, or can we enjoy the sun? 
And if so, how much is enough and how can we enjoy the sun safely?

·  Iodine deficiency - affecting 96% of people with health issues,
this pervasive problem is poorly understood and seldom addressed 
while contributing to a wide range of conditions from depression and fatigue
to thyroid issues and cancer!
Fortunately, it can be 
easily resolved when you learn a few simple truths.

·  Living in sync with the circadian rhythm - learn how you can optimise your health
by harnessing the extraorindary gifts of nature.

·  Exercise - what are the best types to enhance health?  Which types should you avoid?

·  Spiritual health - whether you follow a religion, or purely follow your own spiritual practices, there is much that can be gained by practicing meditation and other methods
that deepen your connection with source.

and much more.....

In short, you will be receiving a program that will serve you
for a life-time of vibrant health, joy and balance! 

You may think of it as
investing in the ultimate health insurance!

What others have said from previous programs.....

"Dr Janey I am blown away!  I have gotten more knowledge and understanding of why I have cancer and what to do about it in 5 hours with you than I have in over 3 years from all the other medical doctors, 'alternative' doctors, naturopaths, and homeopaths I have worked with! 
I cannot believe that NO ONE I have spoken with or worked on my cancer journey
has this in-depth knowledge or is not sharing it." Brenda B 

"I usually never rate anything 'excellent' but this seminar was EXCELLENT!" 

 Christian Dettori 

"A life-changing experience!  Thank you!  Rich in content, rich in inspiration, rich in truth!  This Program is something you can't afford not to do!   Bronnie Le Roux 

How do you take part?

The good news is you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home! 
This has been a major factor enabling us to keep the Program at this price. 
All you will need is a computer or laptop.  You will be receiving the modules twice weekly right into your in-box over 5 weeks (10 modules in total) and we will be having live Q&A sessions every week so that you can ask me all those pressing questions you have!  

You will also be invited to join a closed Facebook group in which a community of like-minded folk will be connecting, learning from each other, supporting each other and making new friends in this exciting journey!

Q. I'm a busy person and so I'm not sure I'd be able to make the live sessions.
Will this Program work for me?

A. Absolutely! The sessions will all be recorded so you will get to listen to them
in your own time as well as keep them for life!  

Q. When do we start?  

A. Our starting date is Mon 5 Nov and the program runs for 5 weeks 
ending on 7 Dec.

Q. And the price? 

A. Just R1,495 for 5 weeks of enormous value!  In fact I believe that some of the topics we will be covering are worth more than that on their own! 
You however, will be getting 10x this with the 10 modules you'll be receiving!  

Q Is there a Guarantee?

Q.  Of course!  I am so certain you're going to love this program that if you decide this is not right for you then simply tell me within the first 2 weeks and you'll get a full refund and still be able to keep the content you already have! 
There quite simply is nothing to lose! 

All-in-all it will be a beautiful journey overflowing with invaluable gems of health
in which I plan to support you in achieving the best
 health of your life,
all at a price that we won't be repeating! 

If you’d like to be a part of this unique opportunity then don’t wait another minute.....!
We can only take a small group for this first interactive Program and once the places are filled (and we suspect they will do so fast) we will need to close registration.

Simply click on the link below to join us – I know you’ll be glad you did! 


I do hope you will be one of those people joining me and if so,
I look forward to sharing an incredible journey with you! 

And finally, always remember that...  'You are the Cure!' 


Dr Janey  

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