'Cancer...You can heal yourself!' by Dr Janey Little (eBook)

'Cancer...You can heal yourself!' by Dr Janey Little (eBook)

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    Dr Janey Little's much-loved "Cancer...You Can Heal Yourself!", now available as an eBook!

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     The trend in rising cancer statistics is alarming.......

    In the year 1900, 1 in 8000 people were diagnosed with cancer.                                    
    In the year 2015, this figure is approaching 1 in 2!

    And when you do get cancer and resort to one of the standard approaches of treatment, that being chemotherapy; the ‘success’ rate you can expect is just over 2% ! (Journal of Clinical Oncology)

    In Cancer... You Can Heal Yourself!’ , Dr Janey Little shares another way of approaching cancer that is offering renewed hope  to those who wish to prevent it, as well as to cancer patients and their families around the world. 

    In this book you are introduced to a different understanding of cancer that few people are aware of.  Instead of fighting the tumour with toxic chemicals and radiation, it reminds us that the cancer tumour is only a symptom of the disease rather than the disease itself! 

    This insightful, and in many ways transformational approach, encourages addressing and correcting the root cause, while respecting and aligning with the wisdom of the body in order to promote vibrant health.

    The reader learns that when you change your understanding of cancer, everything changes; the approach, the treatment, the experience of having cancer, and finally...... your success in overcoming it!

    ‘Cancer...  You Can Heal Yourself!’

    will take you on a journey that will leave you with a paradigm shift in your perception of this ‘dis-ease’.   

    This you will find is nine tenths of the way to preventing cancer and healing from it!

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