Greenis Slow Juicer

Greenis Slow Juicer

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    Vertical Slow Juicer IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our range of juicers are only available to South African clients at the moment since we are making use of a local drop-shipper. We are excited to make these juicers available to international clients as soon as possible!

    Product Description


    The Greenis juicer is a low speed vertical masticating juicer and is a cost effective alternative to the Omega VSJ843R juicer.

    Apart from juicing fruit, vegetables, leaves and grasses, the Greenis with the solid strainer makes crushes, purees and frozen desserts. It also juices soaked nuts, beans and seeds to make nut and soya milk. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Special features 

    • Electro magnetic connection between the base and the working top

    • The rotating silicon brush cleans with every revolution to prevent clogging and making it possible to juice numerous glasses of juice without the need for cleaning.

    • The machine operates only when it is properly assembled.

    • No sharp blades on the juicer making it child friendly

    • All materials used are food grade and FDA approved.

    • Reverse button for unclogging




    - All vegetables and fruits that have stringy fibre, eg celery, should be cut into 2cm lengths and should be mixed with other non-stringy vegetables or fruits when juicing.

    - Wheatgrass should be cut into 2cm pieces and if juicing the grass with apples or other fruit, the grass should be combined with the fruit pieces.



    Part and accessories included:

    • 1 x hopper, pusher, auger (squeezing screw), spinning brush

    • 1 x fine hole juicing strainer

    • 1 x large hole-juicing strainer for additional pulp e.g. in the case of juicing fruits such as oranges, tomatoes and grapes etc.

    • 1 x solid strainer for mincing purees, making crushes and frozen desserts

    • 1 x tofu maker

    • 1 x cleaning brush

    • 2 x collection containers (1 for pulp, 1 for juice)

    • 1 x Instruction manual

    Optional extras

    • The optional tap enables you to make juice cocktails by the glass-  blended juice and on tap serving






    Product Specifications

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