7 Step Natural Cancer Program - 25% OFF!

7 Step Natural Cancer Program - 25% OFF!

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    IMPORTANT: The 7 Step Program is in the form of PowerPoint slides, and comes with audio files that can be viewed on a computer. There is also text outlining the 7 Step Program, as well additional supportive info.

    Product Description

    Please note that this program will be sent directly to you in downloadable form and not as a DVD set. 

    '7 Step Natural Cancer Program' shares a comprehensive and integrated natural approach to cancer that can be followed both in prevention and healing. 

    In place of using toxic therapies that place additional stress on the body’s immune system, the ‘7 Step Natural Cancer Program’
    focuses instead on addressing and correcting the root causes of cancer, while working in harmony with the body's own wisdom. 

    It has been described by the many who have acquired it, as both 'empowering' and ‘life-changing’!

    The '7 Step Natural Cancer Program' is a comprehensive and integrated natural approach to cancer that focuses on the primary cause of cancer, while respecting and working in harmony with the body's wisdom in healing.

    The following is a brief outline of the 7 Steps......


    Introduction to the 'Timeless Truths of cancer'

    Be prepared to have your understanding and perception of cancer transformed in this introduction to the Program!          
    And as you will soon learn, when you change your perception of cancer, everything changes... your approach, your treatment, your experience of having cancer (or your fear of getting cancer) ...and your success in overcoming it! 

    This crucial introduction to the 'Timeless truths of cancer' (which have been all-but-forgotten in modern times), sets the crucial foundation and mindset necessary for true healing to take place.

    Step 1: Revitalizing your immune system

    “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”. Hippocrates (460-377BC)

    Many of us today may have lost sight of this great truth, however the fact remains that…. no doctor can ever heal you; they can only provide the tools which enable you to heal yourself ……with your inner doctor (or immune system).

    If you are sick it is because your immune system has become overwhelmed and overburdened, frequently from years or decades of poor lifestyle habits, inappropriate dietary choices or a ‘toxic mind’. To get well, you must ‘re-awaken’ and optimise the functioning of your ‘inner doctor’. When you do this effectively, your body can heal from anything…..including any cancer, at any stage!

    In Step 1 we work to re-establish a healthy ‘inner doctor’ and crucially we do this from the most fundamental level, thus creating a sound foundation to your immune system. It is rarely enough to simply take nutritional supplements, dietary additives or various healing remedies to heal ourselves because dis-ease is the result of an already compromised immune system that is not easily able to absorb or benefit from these products.

    We therefore re-build your immune system from ‘the ground up’ by beginning immediately with several age-old and timeless cleansing protocols which are arguably some of the single most potent healing methods known to man. They are not only highly effective, but completely safe and can easily be carried out at home having received our expert guidance and coaching.

    Step 2: A Cancer healing diet

    No healing program is complete without making (sometimes considerable for some) changes in the diet-we must ensure that optimal nutrition is achieved at the cellular level.

    Most of us have grown up surrounded by numerous myths of what constitutes a good or bad diet. These myths have often been born out of mass advertising campaigns by the industries that promote them. Eventually we begin to accept these myths as fact, while the truth is often far removed as it pertains to our health.

    During this step, we address several of these myths and institute a plan for eating in a manner that will facilitate the healing from cancer.

    We not only cover ‘what to eat’, but crucially also ‘when to eat’ in accordance with nature’s circadian rhythm in order to optimize absorption and digestion.

    Step 3: Elimination of toxins from within the body

    Simply by having kick-started our immune system in Step 1, and by incorporating a ‘healing diet’, the elimination of toxins from our bodies would already have been set in motion. However, here in Step 3 we accelerate and take this process of detoxification to another level.

    Our bodies are constantly involved in the processing and elimination of decaying cells and waste products from the various digestive and metabolic processes in the body. These in themselves can prove toxic if an ailing body is not able to eliminate them effectively. Added to that, we are constantly exposed to a myriad of toxins from the environment which can enter our bodies through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the products we apply to our skin.

    While only some may cause immediate detrimental effects, most have their ill effects on our bodies through chronic accumulation over an extended period. While the immune system of the healthy body is able to detoxify, neutralize and eliminate many toxins in the short term, if we are exposed (often unknowingly) to a variety of toxins over the long term, our immune system will become overburdened, ultimately presenting as ‘diseases’ such as cancer.

    To ensure effective detoxification, Step 3 is aimed at clearing the body of years of toxin accumulation (including the heavy metals), thus allowing the cells of a previously toxic and congested cellular terrain to receive a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients so essential for healing from cancer.

    Step 4: Avoidance of ongoing exposure to toxins from our external world

    While Step 3 is crucial to eliminate pre-existing toxins in our bodies that had contributed to disease, Step 4 is also essential in raising our awareness of potential areas for ongoing exposure to toxins. This is essential not only to assist the detoxification process in Step 3, but also importantly to avoid unknowing and ongoing exposure to toxins which could again create a terrain in the body in the future that predisposes to cancer and other illnesses.

    People find this step fascinating as they learn of the many day-to-day habits which many of us share that expose us unnecessarily to carcinogenic (cancer-causing) toxins. When we learn of the simple, easily available alternatives that we can employ to avoid these toxins, we take a giant step towards ensuring our future health.

    Step 5: Harnessing Nature’s free gifts of health!

    You’re going to love this step! Many of us have lost sight of the incredible healing agents available to us everywhere throughout nature. Step 5 makes us aware of these ‘free gifts’ and their power to heal us. We then only need to make the time to use them and enjoy them! Tip: they are the things that most of us love to do!

    When you apply the suggestions in Step 5, your daily enjoyment of life will rocket, as will your immune system!

    Step 6: Specific natural cancer remedies

    I usually refer to this step as ‘the cherry on top’, implying that just as you don’t need a cherry on a cake to enjoy it; if you embrace the other 6 steps of the 7 step protocol, you can heal yourself from any cancer!

    Having said that, for many this step offers an additional ‘insurance’ and peace of mind which is priceless. Therefore I certainly encourage the use of the specific natural remedies for those who feel that they do not wish to ‘leave any stone unturned’!

    Numerous powerful natural healing remedies exist to treat cancer and several of the most effective ones are covered in Step 6. You will find that some alternative cancer protocols will consist only of using a natural remedy. However, it is important to remember that while many of these remedies can be very effective, they should always be used as part of an entire lifestyle change and paradigm shift in mindset.

    In fact by failing to do this, we may become ‘guilty’ of simply instituting a ‘quick fix’ (albeit a natural one that is non-toxic) in the place of a conventional ‘quick-fix’ in the shape of chemotherapy and radiation. ‘Quick fixes’, while giving us short term results, can seldom offer us long term or permanent solutions because they fail to address and eliminate the primary causes.

    Step 7: Harnessing the Power of the Mind in healing!

    This, when applied correctly is the single most powerful of all the steps!

    It is not uncommon for cancer to present itself after a significant emotional trauma in a person’s life. Similarly, if the mind is plagued with ongoing destructive emotions such as guilt, low self-worth etc to name just a couple, the body’s immune system will suffer too and cancer can follow.

    In addition to this, our mindset and the manner in which we choose to perceive cancer can quite literally pave the way of the experience of having cancer, as well as the ultimate outcome.  In this final step we look at how we can use our mind to great advantage in healing ourselves, and provide numerous powerful tools in doing so.

    The importance of psychosomatics (the mind-body connection) in the healing from cancer cannot be over-stated! Simply put; there are ‘no secrets’ between the mind and the body!  While this is not an aspect that conventional medicine pays much attention to, failing to address this vital step can prevent complete healing from cancer.

    Note: All methods and protocols shared in the Program are natural and non-toxic. Individuals who are undergoing conventional treatment are welcome to attend and benefit from the Program while remaining on their current treatment.

    The '7 Step Natural Cancer Program' is covered in full detail in seminars, workshops and online webinars.  It is also shared via Skype consultation to individuals (or groups) around the world.

    Product Specifications

    What is the ‘7 Step Program’?

    The ‘7 Step Natural Cancer Program’ is a powerful and integrated natural approach that incorporates a transformation in diet, lifestyle and mindset, while moving away from the obsession on the tumour (only a symptom!).  The Program focuses instead on addressing the primary (root) cause of cancer, while respecting and working in harmony with your body's own wisdom in healing.  It is in short, a life-changing Program!

    Who is it for?

    • Anyone with cancer who wishes to do everything possible to empower themselves in the healing from cancer.
    • Anyone who has had cancer and lives in fear of a relapse
    • Anyone who has ever lived in fear of a cancer diagnosis (perhaps because of a concern about a genetic predisposition)
    • Anyone who simply wishes to do everything possible to promote vibrant health!

    IMPORTANT: The 7 Step Program is in the form of PowerPoint slides, and comes with audio files that can be viewed on a computer. There is also text outlining the 7 Step Program, as well additional supportive info. 


    Customer Reviews

    Average Rating

    This Program certainly empowers people and gives them hope! For those who do not have cancer, but have cancer in the family, it removes the fear that cancer is random and that it can be prevented by changing your lifestyle. Christa van den Berg

    “My eyes have been opened. Each step of this Program is vital – invaluable. I loved the range that is covered in this Program – a holistic approach. Body, mind and spirit”. - Rosalind Ovenstone

    Any newcomer to the Program can rest in trust and comfort that they will receive many tools to apply to their individual circumstances. They needn’t drift in a world of information overload, not knowing how to proceed. Dr Janey presents her vast knowledge with integrity and in a manageable process that is pleasant and uplifting. Jane Fulton

    “Dear Dr Janey, The first thing I did after your webinar is change to the circadian diet. Within a couple of days my life-long indigestion stopped. What a relief! The next thing that happened is I lost all of my cellulite, which I know is toxins stored in fat cells. It’s gone just from eating in rhythm with nature. I was not overweight, yet I lost one dress size in my waist and my buttock and legs have never been this thin. I love it! Thank you for your support and expertise. The world needs more teachers like you!” - Gudrun

    This Program is a MUST for cancer patients as well as 'healthy people! - Razia B
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