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Name of Product: African Forest Medicinals Turkey Tail Tincture

This product is one of our favourite gems and a powerful addition to your natural hormone therapy regime!

It is made from wild-harvested Turkey Tail mushrooms from the Knsyna Forest. Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) is the source of Polysaccharide K (PSK) and is one of the most widely studied medicinal mushrooms in the world.


How it works and benefits:
Turkey Tail has been used in many commercial anti-cancer medicines, in particular in 'Krestin', an approved anti-cancer drug in Asia and has proved to be very beneficial in treating breast cancer.

PSK has been shown to reduce cancer metastasis (cancer spreading to other parts of the body) and also stimulates interleukin-1 production in human cells (part of the body's natural defense mechanism against cancerous cells).

PSK is also a very effective scavenger of free-radical oxidizing compounds through its production of manganese superoxide dismutase (a super anti-oxidant).

Turkey Tail also contains PSP - polysaccharopeptide - that has possible use as an antiviral agent against HIV and also increases the production of interferon, interleukin-2 and T-cells - all crucial parts of the body's immune defences. Polysaccharopeptides also have immunomodulating properties (adjusting the immune system either up or down in order to balance it according to its needs).

Research on PSP also indicates that it may be effective in destroying prostate cancer stem cells.

PSK has also been found to be effective against E coli and Staph infections as well as against the Candida fungus.

Turkey Tail is also beneficial for a wide range of infections and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract; infections and irritations of the digestive tract, infections of the urinary tract, lung diseases, chronic congestion and general lack of energy/not feeling well.


Product Specifications

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