The Real Thing Barley Grass - Powder 200g

The Real Thing Barley Grass - Powder 200g

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    *This product has reached its best-before date, but is still usable!The purest, 100% organic whole-leaf grass powder for the ultimate nutritional boost!

    Product Description

     *This product has reached its best-before date, but is still usable!

    Product Specifications

    Lung, colon, brain, prostrate, leukemia
    We are delighted to bring you the greens from an an
    cient grain which has been reverred for its
    health-boosting abilities for over 10 000 years! Ba
    rley grass has an incredible ability to pull and
    concentrate vital nutrients from the soil in which
    it is grown. We can benefit greatly from adding bar
    grass into our natural cancer approach as it is abl
    e to flood the body and cells with proper fuel!
    How it works:
    Barley grass is not only a great alkaliniser and cl
    eanser because of its concentrated
    chlorophyll cotent, but it is also densely packed w
    ith anticancer nutrients; specifically SOD (superox
    dismutase ) and alpha-tocopherol succinate. Both of
    these nutrients have the ability to reduce free
    radicals and free radical damage on the cellular le
    vel. Barley grass is high in vitamin B-17
    (laetrile/amygaldin) which has been shown to elimin
    ate cancer cells. Consuming barley grass repairs an
    maintains the body if one has undergone a heavy met
    al detox protocol.
    improves digestive & respiratory health
    normalises blood sugar levels (antidiabetic)
    prevents gallstone formation
    regulates cholesterol levels
    improves bone density
    cleanses & detoxifies
    improves breast milk production
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